High-end Automation

High Endlessness!

MSR redefines ‘ultra comfort’ as ‘ultra control’ for next-generation homes where you can control almost anything anywhere through a key pad. Just imagine, being able to adjust the room lighting, temperature, curtains, windows, and doors at the touch of a button (unless you prefer voice controlled home automation)! Accompanying the highly sophisticated Engineering is the aesthetically designed keypads and consoles that reflect your lifestyle.

Home Automation Redefined

There are various levels of sophistication in home automation where HIGH-END HOME AUTOMATION is in a league of its own. Some tag it with the word ‘smart’ such as smart home automation, smart home systems or even smart home security and smart home alarmanlage. Again, its sometimes referred to as automated home systems, home automation controller, home lighting automation, remote controlled lights, whole house audio, and even home automation products. HIGH-END HOME AUTOMATION can be described as a fully integrated solution which includes smart home technology, smart home devices, a smart home app and of course smart home installation. Furthermore, a ‘home automation system’ may substitute ‘building automation system’ or ‘bunglow automation system’.

MSR is much more than just being the best home automation company in India. Catering to a very niche clientele, MSR offers total integrated solutions in high-end automation, along with Luxury Home Cinema and Luxury Gadgets.

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