Luxury Home Cinema

Your Fantasy Space

MSR Home Cinema is a world beyond the ‘Home Theatre’. It’s a fantasy space that not only reflects your class but your taste as well. While the signature decors take you to another world, the picture quality and acoustics are simply mind-blowing. What’s more, MSR’s Luxury Home Cinema seating is a unique romance of comfort and luxury!

Control Everything!

In an MSR Home Cinema, you can customize ‘everything’ to create a ‘maximum comfort environment’. Sitting at one place, through an iPad, you can adjust the lighting, set the ambient temperature, and even control the curtain shades to match your mood.

Immersive Sound

MSR’s Luxury Home Cinemas come with state-of-the-art 'Immersive Sound' systems. It is light years ahead of 'Surround Sound'. In an Immersive Audio environment, you can hear the helicopter on the screen flying over your head or literally feel the ground shake as a Tyrannosaurus Rex appears!!

MSR is much more than just being the best home automation company in India. Catering to a very niche clientele, MSR offers total integrated solutions in high-end automation, along with Luxury Home Cinema and Luxury Gadgets.

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